Nervous Strain! 

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Nervous Strain! 

In our daily life, we are not absolutely free. To save our life, especially for our children, we have to be alert about their life. 

You know well – At present, Children are subject to kidnapping that is being seen all over our country. Such a threading atmosphere is a source of danger and great tension to our parents. Now almost all the people of our country have become acquainted with the crime of this uncompromising enemy. You know- when a person is in the grip of tension, it can cause many serious afflictions like blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. We, citizens are in tension and need relief. We highly request our concerned authorities to defuse the situation to an acceptable level. In such an atmosphere we cannot work freely.

We need to get rid of tension to be able to lead the kind of carefree life that is essential to being productive economically as a nation in this highly competitive age. 

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