Morning Activities for MOM! Step-1 

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Morning Activities for MOM!


It may seem like a lot of work getting a morning routine together A morning routine goes so much smoother when there’s a corresponding evening routine to close out the day and prepare you for tomorrow. 
A successful simple morning schedule can help you and your family start the day off on a happy note: 
1. If you have your kids, get up at least half an hour before your kids. 
2. After then try to make your bed. 
3. Next you can try out a new habit of getting dressed, brushing your teeth, and washing your face. 
4. Next keep breakfast simple and try to keep the menu quick and easy. 
5. Don’t fail to find something both you and your kids like so you don’t have to make separate meals. 
6. You can get your kids busy so that you can work freely. If your kids are grown-up, that might mean getting them out the door to school on time. 
It’s vital that you create space in your day when your kids are occupied so you can be a successful work-at-home mom! 

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