Leading Life: Time Assessment!

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Leading Life:

Time Assessment!

Is it all right if I say wasting time is a crime? Actually, it is considered as an important part in our everyday life. Obviously, our life is extremely short. Again, wasting time is a sin. If time is wasted it will be the cause of our misery and ruin. We all know-Time flies on quickly like an arrow. So it is said that time and tide waits for none.

In fact, today I’m here to discuss about the significance of time. Yes, time cannot be valued in wealth or money. We ought to keep in mind that achievement or success in our life for the most part depends on the proper use of time. And it’s really true.

We should take into account to facilitate Time. If time goes away, it never returns. So we must make the best use of our time.

If you see our present situation of the youth, you can see the real fact. That means-they must not put off any work for tomorrow. Basically, our effort will never be done if we don’t do it timely. So, we all should use time in a proper way to succeed in life.

Time is more valuable than health and wealth. The value of time can be realized only when it is properly utilized. We are the supreme creation of Allah. So we have to carry on a mission and should do things timely to reach our goals. Anyway, we should take lessons from them both for ourselves and for our nation.

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