J.S.C Preparation: Changing Sentences (Positive to Comparative)

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Changing Sentences:

Positive to Comparative

Very few things are as useful as trees. 

Comparative: Trees are more useful than most/many/few other things.

No other thing is as important as air. 

Comparative: Air is more important than any other thing.

No other bird is as clever as the crow. 

Comparative: The crow is cleverer than any other bird. 

No other thing is as helpful as a book. 

Comparative: A book is more helpful than any other thing.

Nobody in our village is as happy as him. 

Comparative: He is happier than any other person in our village.

To them, their students are as important as their own children. 

Comparative: To them, their students are not less important than their own children.

To him no other person was as miserable as he then. 

Comparative: To him, then he was more miserable than any other person.

The boys said that no other playing was as interesting as that to them in that moment. 

Comparative: The boys said that playing was more interesting than any other playing to them in that moment.

These people are as brave as a lion. 

Comparative: These people are not less brave than a lion.

Slavery is not as inhuman as it.

Comparative: It is more inhuman than slavery.

Through hard work, a man can be as successful as he dreams. 

Comparative: Through hard work, a man cannot be less successful than he dreams.

Then no other nation will be as developed as. 

Comparative: Then no other nation will be more developed than any other nation.

I see, you are as greedy as Taimur. 

Comparative: I see, Taimur is not greedier than you.

Their life is not as good as the life of an insect. 

Comparative: The life of an insect is better than their life.

Women should work as much as men do. 

Comparative: Women should work not less than men do.

Very few insects are as busy as a bee (Comparative). 
Comparative: A bee is busier than most other insects.

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