J.S.C-2018: Changing Sentences (Interrogative to Assertive)

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Changing Sentences

Interrogative to Assertive

Who doesn’t like peace? 

Assertive: Everybody likes peace.

Haven’t you heard the name of the poet Kazi Nazrul Islam? 

Assertive: you heard the name of the poet Kazi Nazrul Islam 

Who doesn’t lead a luxurious life? 

Assertive: Everybody leads a luxurious life.

Does he waste his time? 

Assertive: He does not waste his time.

Doesn’t rainless winter bring good harvest? 

Assertive: Rainless winter does not bring good harvest.

Isn’t it a part and parcel in our day to day life? 

Assertive:It is a part and parcel in our day to day life.

I said to Monica, “Can we deny this fact?” 

Assertive: I said to Monica, “We cannot deny this fact?”

Who doesn’t like this habit? 

Assertive: Everybody likes this habit.

Shouldn’t we read newspaper daily? 

Assertive: We should read newspaper daily.

Who is free from this problem? 

Assertive: None is free from this problem.

Who does not show sympathy for them? 

Assertive: Everybody shows sympathy for them.

Who does not salute his honesty? 

Assertive: Everyone salutes his honesty.

Can we receive teaching from Ramadan? 

Assertive:We can receive teaching from Ramadan.

Who does not love this kind of person?

Assertive: Everybody loves this kind of person.

Who does not know him?

Assertive: Everybody knows him.

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