Interviewing: Day-2

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Interviewing [Day-2]

Hi guys, nice to meet you. Welcome to our “Interviewing Part”. Well, Today, I’m once again going to talk Mr. Ravi. 

Monica: Hello- Mr. Ravi. May I ask you a series of questions?

Ravi: Sure, you may- 

Monica: Well,When do you wake up ?

Ravi: I wake up early everyday.

Monica: When do you go to work ?

Ravi: I go to work every morning.

Monica: It’s fine. I think, you’re a student, right?

Ravi: Yes, I’m in class six.

Monica: So Mr. Ravi-What time do you go to school?

Ravi: Well, I go to school at 7 O’clock.

Monica: And What do you take to go to school?

Ravi: I take the bus to school.

Monica: Well, do you have sister?

Ravi: Yes, I’ve only one little sister and I love her too much.

Monica: It sounds good. Thank you so much for joining us. Hope to see you next.Bye!

Ravi: Okay, bye!

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