Interviewing [Day-1]

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Hi guys, nice to meet you. Welcome to our “Interviewing Part”. I’m Monica, a well-wisher of OYSTER ACADEMY. Well, I welcome all of you on behalf of OYSTER ACADEMY. Okay dear, let’s talk to our today’s guest Mr. Ravi. 

Monica : Good Morning, Ravi.

Ravi: Good Morning. Nice to meet you.

Monica : Nice to meet you too. Have your seat.

Ravi: Thank you.

Monica : Well, could you please tell something all about you?

Ravi: Thanks for you asking. I’m a student. I live at Kharampur in Sherpur district. I’m in class six. My favorite academic subject is English. I like to play cricket in my free time. My parents love me too much. I want to be an Ambassador in future. Please pray for me and that’s all.

Monica: Well, it sounds good. I believe, you must complete your aim. Okay, no more today. Hope to see you next. Please take care. Bye, bye!

Ravi: Thanks a lot, good bye!

Monica: Hello- Viewers, thank you so much for joining us. Please pardon me. Hope to see you next, bye bye!

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