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January 30,2018


We all are known about the word ‘Ingenuity’. It’s an important word to all students too. You know- the word ‘Ingenuity’. Ingenuity means the technique of creation exclusive thoughts with deep thinking to get result.
It is a good idea to expose children to ingenious opportunity.
To increase ingenuity, we can go after the followings:
1. First of all, exposing students to diversity in the classroom
2. Then, asking a lot of questions. I think, it will obviously develop ingenuity.
3. Next, conducting activities to develop ingenuity.
4. After that, encouraging imaginative play. Yeah, it’s very important.
5. Then using decorative objects
6. You should  keep in your mind that learning materials and curriculum lessons also the most important points to develop ingenuity.
7. After that exhibiting attitude that promotes.
8. Next allowing flexibility in understanding instructions.
9. Then playing brainstorming games.
10. Again rewarding systems honestly.
11. And finally, letting learners know before they complete a project.

12. After all, to enlarge ingenuity, we can follow above important point s right now.

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