Information Is Power

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Information  Is  Power

[In the drawing room, 6 friends are sitting on the Sofa-set and arguing themselves.]

Jack:  Look friend ,whatever you say, money is power.

Michel: Yeah, such right. I entirely believe you. Without money we can’t do anything. It’s very important part in  our life.

Johnson: Objection guys- You’re wrong. It can’t be so. Knowledge is power.

Simon: Excuse me- give me a floor. Actually, Johnson is right. Why don’t you understand? Please try to understand.  Basically, Knowledge is power not money.

[Anderson & Carlos come from another room having Newspaper]

Anderson: Hey-guys- what are you talking about? Why are you talking aloud?

Carlos: (Pointing to Anderson) May be they are quarrelling. Hey guys, what’s up? Anything’s wrong? (pointing Jack, Michel, Johnson, Simon)

Jack, Michel, Johnson & Simon: We were talking about power. (Together)

Anderson & Carlos : Power ! (Together)

Jack, Michel, Johnson & Simon: Yap, it’s power. (Together)

Anderson: Oh, yeah- I got it. You are talking about LOVE!

Carlos: Yeah, actually, none but LOVE is power in this world.

Jack & Michel: No way, MONEY is power!

Johnson & Simon: Impossible! It can’t be so. Only KNOWLEDGE is power!

Anderson: Please, stop it. Actually, you don’t know about ‘Power’. Power is ‘Love’

Carlos: Of course it is. Love is everything. Anything is possible having LOVE.

Jack: Oh no- Hey- listen to me– Without money, love is Zero.

Michel: And without MONEY you can’t be a hero! Understand dear!

Johnson: But I think, without knowledge, money will be Zero.

Simon: And without knowledge, you can’t be Hero.

David: Hello— [Knocking at the door] – anybody in the room?

Simon: Who’s that?

David:  It’s me!

Simon: Who’s me?

David: This is David.

Simon: Just a moment, opening the door (After opening)

               Oh, you! What a surprise! Nice to meet you!

David: Nice to meet you too.

Simon: Please, get inside.

David: Thank you. (Noticing Jack, Michel, Johnson, Anderson & Carlos) What’s up? Anything wrong?

Simon: They were talking about ‘Power’

David: Oh yeah- ‘Power’. Good topic! Actually- in this world only “Information” is power.

Jack, Michel, Johnson, Simon, Anderson & Carlos (Together): What! I n f o r m a t i o n!

David: Yes. It’s Information and you should say ”Information is power”.

Smith: Excuse me- sir! Allow me to say please? [Reporter]

David: Okay, you are allowed.

Smith: Sir, last week you delivered an important speech about “Information”. Anyway, our chief  editor has invited you to join our Press Conference. Please sir.

David: Well, it sounds good. Okay, I’ll join you.

Smith: Thank you so much.

[3 friends are passing the situation and notice Smith and thank him]

Alex, Robin, Alan Hood: Hello friend! Good Afternoon! Nice to meet you! (Together)

David: Wao! What a surprise! Nice to meet you too! How’s going on?

Alex, Robin, Alan Hood: Pretty good!

Alex: Friend, you are really great. You have changed our primitive idea.

Robin: Yes friend, You have given us a new modern idea.

Alan Hood: Not only that friend but also you have presented us informative way to be a better job.

David: Thank you. Actually-We have been learning as well as teaching “Knowledge is power” but today we have learned “Information is power”.

Jack, Michel, Johnson, Simon, Anderson & Carlos: Sorry friend ! We couldn’t understand it.

David: It’s ok. Take it easy. Actually we all should understand that Information is power. Without information- how can we collect knowledge?

Smith: Hello, guys- come on! Let’s make a new one by saying “Information is power”

Everybody: Yes! It’s right! “Information is power”


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