Important Asking with answer (DAY-3)

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Important Asking with answer

DAY -3

1. Do you think people are more competitive nowadays? Why? 
=Yeah. I think, day-by-day people are being more competitive because they are facing challenging situations. 
2. Where are you from?

= I am from Sherpur district of Dhaka division. 
3. What is the most important part of your subject? 
=I think, listening as well as speaking is the most important part of my subject. 
4. Do you like cooking? Why? 
= I’m afraid, I don’t know how to cook. 
5. Do you like to go for shopping? 
= Yeah, I do. 
6. Why do people go to shopping malls? 
= To have better facilities and getting reasonable cost. 
7. Do you think children like to go for shopping? 
= To be frank, I think, children should not go for shopping. 
8. Where do you live at present? 
= At present, I live at Sajbarkhila in the district of Sherpur. 
9. For how long have you been living there? 
= This is my birthplace. 
10. What type of food do the people of your country like?

= In our country like Bangladesh, the people are fond of Rice and Fish. 

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