Important asking with answer-2

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Important Asking With Answer

Important Asking With Answer-2

1.Which type of holiday do you like the most and why? 
=I like festival holidays most because I find interesting here. 
2. What kind of public transportation do you get in your locality? 
= I get Buses, C.N.G., Private cars, Micro buses, Auto Rickshaw, and Taxi etc. in our locality. 
3. What is your view about the traffic jam in your country? 
It is a common seen in our country and disgusting. Every day, we are to face such problems. And so on. 
4. What are the causes? 
= Because most of the drivers are not aware of knowing traffic rules. And they drive recklessly. 
5. How can it be overcome? 
= By following traffic rules, it can be overcome. 
6. ID? 
=My ID (IDENTIFICATION) is my passport. 
7. Where do you study? 
= I study (Spoken English Course) at Sherpur. 
8. What is your subject? 
=My subject is “Spoken English”. 
9. Do you think your subject is popular in your country? 
=Yeah, I do. 
10. Do you think you will get a good job after completing your studies? 
=Yes, I do, it’s very important subject that is considered as an important language in this world today.

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