Important asking with answer-1

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Important asking with answer-1

1. What is your name? /What is your full name? /Full name? 
=Thanks for your asking. My full name is ……. 
2. Do you work or study?
=I work. 
3. Are you a student or a service holder? 
=I am (a homemaker).
4. Where do you work?
=Actually, I work (at my home.)
5. Is your work place interesting? Why?
=Yes, because I feel happy in my work place.
6. Which is more important in a work place- people or work? 
= I think, working is more important in a work place 
7. Why is the working environment so important? 
= Because to work properly, there need working environment and without it there will have no improvement. Therefore, I think so. 
8. Tell me something about the transportation system of your city. 
=Look, I live at town not city. In our town, the transportation system is only Road transportation such as Buses, C.N.G., Private cars, Micro buses, Auto Rickshaw, Taxi etc. 
9. Do you like holidays? Why? 
= Yes, I do. Because I find interesting here.
10. What will you do if you get more holidays?
= I’ll visit interesting places.

11. What’s your school’s Head teacher’s/Principal’s name?
= The name of my Head teacher’s/Principal’s is ____________.
12.Who is your English Teacher? 
= The name of my English Teacher is ___. 
13.Who is your guide?
=My (father/mother/sister/brother) is my guide.
14. Who is your favorite Teacher?
= My favorite teacher is ______.
15. Who is your favorite person? 
= My favorite person is ______.
16. Who is your favorite sportsman? 
= My favorite sportsman is ____.
17. Who is your favorite songster? 
= My favorite songster is ______.
18. What is your favorite color?
= My favorite color is ______.
19. What’s your favorite hobby?
= My favorite hobby is ______.
20. Who love you too much?
= Both of my parents love me too much.
21. What’s your aim in your life? 
= I want to be a/an ____ in future.
22.What cartoon do you like most? 
= I like ____cartoon most.
23. What kind of food do you like most? 
= I like ____food most.
24. What do you do in your leisure interest? 
= I draw/sing/visit/read novel/watch TV in my leisure time.
25. What’s the official name of our country? 
= The official name of our country is The People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

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