H.S.C-2018 More Important Articles

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More Important Articles:

**1. (a) __16th December is (b) __red letter day in the history of Bangladesh. On this day we achieved victory at (c) __coast of (d) __bloody battle. Bangladesh came into being as (e) __independent country. It occupied a place in the world (f) __map. Every year we observe (g) __day with due solemnity. We remember (h) __supreme sacrifice of our heroic sons. The day is (i) __public holiday. The day begins with gunshot. The national flag is hoisted on (j) __top of the each house.
Answer: (a) the (b) a (c) the (d) a (e) an (f) ´ (g) the (h) the (i) a (j) the
***2. A true friend is (a) ___asset. He stands by his (b) __ friend in time of danger. He is not (c) ___greedy man. He always wishes for (d) __welfare of his friend. But it is (e) ___matter of (f) __ fact that (g) ___ideal friend is very rare today. (h) ___selfish man cannot be (i) __ true friend. He thanks of his own (j) ___ interest.
Answer: (a) an (b) ´ (c) a (d) the (e) a (f) X (g) an (h) a (i) a (j) ´
*3. Though patriotism is (a) __universal human trait, it is often torn away by (b) __state herself (c) _ poor people of (d) __poor country become indifferent to their state of affairs and lose (e) __sense of patriotism. Such people would have become as patriotic as (f) _Simon Bolivar or (g) __Abraham Lincoln if they had a caring government or leader who would make their lives a bit easier. (h)__people of (i) __wealthy country simply love their country because the state provides them with everything like shelter, education, job and (j) __security.
Answer: (a) a (b) the (c) the (d) a (e) the (f) ´ (g) ´ (h) the (i) a (j) ´
***4. (a)__cricket is (b) __foreign game in our country. But it is (c) __international game. After winning (d) __ICC Trophy in (e) __Malaysia in 1996, it has become more popular than football in our country. By defeating (f) __Kenya Bangladesh got (g) __first victory in (h) __ODI cricket in 1998. Bangladesh got the taste of winning (i) __test match in January, 2005 defeating (j) __Zimbabwe.
Answer: (a) ´ (b) a (c) an (d) the (e) ´ (f) ´ (g) the (h) ´ (i) a (j) ´
*5. Punctuality is of great value to (a) _ student. (b) __unpunctual boy who is late in (c) __class will miss (d) __part of his lesson and fall (e) __behind other students. But (f) __punctual student will learn his lesson in (g) __time and do well in (h) __examination. Punctuality is (i) __key to success in life. We all should be (j) _ punctual in our activities.
Answer: (a) a (b) an (c) the (d) a (e) ´ (f) a (g) ´ (h) the (i) a (j) ´
***6. Dowry means property of money brought by a bride to her (a) ____ husband. During marriage ceremony. (b) ____ section of greedy people claim much wealth or money from (e) ____ guardians of the brides. (d) ____ poor illiterate girls become (e) ____ victims of dowry. If (f) ____ guardians fail to fulfill (g) ____ demand of (h) ____ bridegroom the brides are maltreated. So, the poor cannot think of marriage of their daughters. It is (i) ____ social curse. This curse can be eliminated by changing the outlook of people specially the male (j) ____ members.
Answer: (a) ´ (b) a (c) the (d) the (e) the (f) the (g) the (h) the (i) a (j) ´
*7. (a)….sun is a planet. It raises in (b)….East and sets in (c)…west. It is (d)….source of all heat. The setting (e)….presents (f)….enjoyable scene. (g)….moon has no light of its own. It gets light from the sun. (h)….stars shines in (i)….sky. We cannot see all the stars. Many stars are bigger than the sun. They are far away from (j)….earth.
Answer: (a) The (b) the (c) the (d) the (e) x (f) an (g) the (h) the (i) the (j) the
**8. Adopting unfair means in the examination is (a)….offence. It degreeless (b)….standard of education. If the students of (c)….country do not acquire true (d)….education there will be no development for (e)….country. (f)….examinee should read seriously so that he can cut (g)… good figure in the examination. To acquire true education should be the only aim in life of all (h)….students. (i)….education man cannot support (j)….unfair means in the examination at all.
Answer: (a) an (b) the (c) a (d) x (e) the (f) an (g) a (h) the (i) an (j) the
**9. A library is (a) ____ part and parcel of (b) ____ educational institution. It is (c) ____ unique place where books of different subjects are kept for (d) ____ reading. It enables (e) ____ readers to read books of their choice that create (i) ____ enthusiasm for learning. Students should pay (g) ____ visit to (h) ____ library regularly. They can borrow books for (i) ____ certain period and return after (j) ____ given time.
Answer: (a) the (b) an (c) a (d) ´ (e) the (f) an (g) a (h) the (i) a (j) a
*10. Money cannot buy (a) __happiness. Money is (b) __must for our life. But is not (c) __necessary to bring our happiness. Happiness is absolutely (d) __psychological things. It is (e) __name of (f) __feeling. It means (g) __contentment of the mind. He who is satisfied with what he gets and content with his life is (h) __really happy one. Happiness can’t be purchased with (i) __money. No doubt, money has got something to do with (j) __happiness, but it cannot give us happiness.
Answer: (a) ´ (b) a (c) ´ (d) a (e) the (f) a (g) the (h) a (i) ´ (j) ´
*11. (a)__idle man and (b) __active man cannot be equal. We knew (c) __story of (d) __ant and (e) __Grasshopper. (f)__ant was industrious. On the other hand, the Grasshopper was a lazy (g) __person. The ant knew that (h) __industrious shine. On (i) __contrary, (j) __lazy suffer in life.
Answer: (a) An (b) an (c) the (d) an (e) a (f) The (g) X (h) the (i) the (j) the.
12. Geneva is not (a) __big city. It has (b) __area of fourteen square kilometers. One can walk across it from one end to another end in about (c) _ours. Many international meetings and conferences take place in Geneva. Henry Dunant (d) __Geneva called the nations of the world together to amend the rules of (e) __war. Out of this convention came (f) _Geneva convention. In (g) _convention it was stated that (h) _wounded in a war must be cared for. Later, Geneva became (i) _seat of (j) _League of Nations.
Answer: (a) a (b) an (c) an (d) a (e) the (f) the (g) the (h) the (i) a (j) the.
*13. (a)__morning work is a good habit for all. It is (b) __simple exercise and good for health and (c) __mentality. In the morning (d) __air is fresh and free from any kind of noise and pollution. This pure (e) __environment makes an effect on (f) __walkers’ health and mind, when (g) __man enjoys (h) __beauties and solemnity of (i) __nature in (j) __morning.
Answer: (a) x (b) a (c) x (d) the (e) x (f) the (g) a (h) the (i) x (j) the
14. Every year on (a) __December 10, (b) __anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death, (c) __awards are presented to (d) __winners. Sometimes politics plays (e) __important role in (f) __judges’ decisions. Americans have won (g) __numerous science awards but relatively (h) __few literature prizes. No awards were presented from 1940-1942 at (i) __beginning of (j) __World War II.
Answer: (a) x (b) the (c) x (d) the (e) an (f) the (g) x (h) a (i) the (j) the
*15. A village market is (a) __place in (b) ___village where (c) __villagers go to buy and sell various things. It usually sits on (d)__bank of (e)___river or a canal or by (f)__side of highways. In a village market, the villagers buy and sell (g)___different kinds of food grains, all kinds of daily necessaries and (h)___other commodities. It is, infect, (i)___primary center to meet people’s need. It is again a meeting place of (j)___villagers.
Answer: (a) a (b) a (c) the (d) the (e) a (f) the (g) x (h) x (i) a (j) the
16. A brilliant student is (a)__asset. One day, he may be(b)__engineer or (c)__MBBS doctor. He makes (d)__best use of his time. He makes a proper of his time and does his duty accordingly. He knows that youth is (e)__golden period use of (f)__life. He has (g)__aim in life. He knows that (h)__life without (i)__aim is like (j)__ship without rudder.
Answer: (a) an (b) an (c) an (d) the (e) the (f) x (g) an (h) x (i) an (j) a
*17. English is (a)__international language. We feel (b)__necessity of learning English at every step. This is (c)___only language of international overseas business, communication, co-operation and (d)__co-existence. It is essential to receive (e)__ foreign degree or higher education. All (f)__good jobs need English knowing persons. So every educated person should know how to communicate in (g)__English. To learn and develop (h)__skill of English specially for (i)__students is very important. No (j)__student should be ignorant of it.
Answer: (a) an (b) the (c) the (d) × (e) a (f) the (g) × (h) the (i) the (j) ×
*18. Akbar (a) __Great was one of (b) __greatest emperors of India. He was on the one side a great ruler and on the other side a man of (c) ___wisdom. Among all (d) __ Mughal rulers he was (e) __ best. As a result his name has been written in golden letters in the page of (f) __history. He was (g) __uneducated person. But he had (h) __ability to rule (i) __kingdom like (j) __expert ruler.
Answer: (a) the (b) the (c) ´ (d) the (e) the (f) the (g) an (h) the (i) the (j) an
19. (a)__discipline is seen in (b)__nature. Every morning (c)__sun rises in (d)__east, day follows (e)__night, birds sing and (f)__plants blossom. Everywhere in (g)__nature there is (h)__harmony. If there were no discipline in (i)__nature, there would have been (j)__chaos everywhere.
Answer: (a) ´ (b) the (c) the (d) the (e) the (f) ´ (g) the (h) a (i) the (j) ´
*20. (a)__ant is (b)__industrious insect. No other insect is as industrious as (c)__ant. If we open (d)__pages of history, we shall see that (e)__. Men who have become great were (f)__industrious. (g)__industrious are liked by all. On (h)__other hand (i)__idle are hated by all. So industry is (j) __must to prosper in life.
Answer: (a) the (b) an (c) the (d) the (e) the (f) ´ (g) the (h) the (i) an (j) a
21. The postman is (a)_ person who delivers letters, money orders, parcels and other postal articles to (b)__proper addresses. (c)__person who distributes (d)__postal articles, is not (e)__unfamiliar one. The postman who serves in (f)__cities, puts on (g)__khaki dress. He has (h)__define area where he has to work. But (i)__postman working in (j)__village has no particular dress.
Answer: (a) a (b) the (c) the (d) the (e) an (f) the (g) a (h) the (i) a/the (j) a
*22. Tea is (a)__refreshing drink. The preparation of tea however is a ling but (b)__interesting process. (c)__water is first boiled in (d)__kettle and (e)__desired quantity of (f)__tea dust is put in it. After (g)__few minutes (h)__boiled leaves are separated from (i)__liquor. Then the liquor is poured into (j)__cup and some milk and sugar are mixed with it.
Answer: (a) a (b) an (c) ´ (d) a (e) the (f) ´ (g) a (h) the (i) the (j) a
23. The most common cause of deforestation are cutting and burning (a)__forest land. Though (b)__forestlands are cut and burnt for (c)__sake of agriculture and habitat, it has (d)__negative effects on environment. (e)__removal of trees cause (f)__ birds and other animals living on them to leave (g)__ place. It also causes serious damage to (h)__soil, as tress give protraction to soil as well. In (i)__end. (j)__soil gets sediment in the river bed and causes frequent floods.
Answer: (a) the (b) the (c) the (d) a (e) the (f) the (g) the (h) the (i) the (j) the
24. Sincerity is (a) __key to success. (b) __person can succeed in life by being sincere to his work. Those who do not follow (c) __rules of sincerity can never go (d) __long way in (e) __world. Many (f) __people are not aware of (g) __importance of (h) ___sincerity for which they do not get (i) ___benefit of (i) ___success. However, all of us should be sincere to our work.
Answer: (a) the (b) a (c) the (d) a (e) the (f) ´ (g) the (h) ´ (i) the (j) ´
**25. Illiteracy is (a)__great problem in our country. It is (b)__great obstacle to (c)__was of (d)__progress and there are many reasons behind it. Poverty is (e)__main cause of this illiteracy (f)__our country. Due to poverty. (g)__ poor people cannot send their children to (h)__schools. so, everybody should drive away (i)___poverty from (j)___society.
Answer: (a) a (b) a (c) the (d) ´ (e) the (f) ´ (g) ´ (h) ´ (i) the (j) the
26. Once Sheikh Sadie was going to (a) ____ court of (b) ____ king of (c) ____ Iran. On his way. (d) ____ night fall. He took shelter in (e) ____ rich man’s house. He had (f) ____ very simple dress on. (g) ____ master of (h) ____ house did not show him due respect. (i) ____ few days later, he went there again with (j) ____ rich dress on. This time he was duly respected.
Answer: (a) the (b) the (c) ´ (d) the (e) a (f) a (g) the (h) the (i) a (j) the
**27. Globalization is (a)__buzzword now, (b)…countries of (c)__world are now considered as (d)__neighbours of (e)__Village, (f)__globalization cheats (g)__ borderless market. But it has many (h)__harmful effects. It makes (i)__rich (j)__richer.
Answer: (a) a (b) x (c) the (d) x (e) a (f) x (g) the (h) x (i) the (j) x
28. Truthfulness is (a)….greatest of all (b)…. virtues which make (c)….person really great. If we do not cultivate (d)….habit of speaking (e)….truth. We can not command (f)…. confidence of others. The man whom nobody believes can never be famous in life. It may be that we may succeed once or twice by telling (g)….lie but it never brings about (h)….good result. A lie never lies hidden. Today or tomorrow it comes to light. Then (i)….real character of (j)….revealed and nobody believes him anymore.
Answer: (a) the (b) x (c) a (d) the (e) the (f) the (g) a (h) a (i) the (j) a
29. (a)….angry man is not liked even by (b)….idiot. There is difference between (c)….educated and (d)….uneducated. Again there is difference between (e)….rich and (f)….poor, (g)….educated man should come forward to educate (h)….uneducated man. On the other hand, (i)….rich man should have sympathy for (j)….poor man.
Answer: (a) an (b) an (c) an (d) an (e) the (f) the (g) an (h) an (i) a (j) a
**30. Though Newspaper is not always (a)__umnixed blessing it is (b)__most useful thing in modern life. We cannot think of (c)__day without it. To rad newspaper is (d)__good habit. (e)__more we read newspapers (f)__more we can acquire knowledge. If we do not read it, e I’ll be like (g)__frogs in (h)__dark well. It is (i)__looking glass of (j)__modern world.
Answer: (a) an (b) the (c) a (d) a (e) The (f) the (g) x (h) a (i) a (j) the
*31. Bangladesh is no doubt one of (a)__poorest countries in the world, having (b)__few enemies. (c)__few countries encircling her are not much richer than she. They have (d)__little to do about our internal affirs. Our large population is rather (e)__burden than (f)__asset. But it is (g)__fact that (h)__days are not very far when we will be (i)__able to win in (j)__race with many- other countries.
Answer: (a) the (b) x (c) A (d) x (e) a (f) an (g) a (h) the (i) x (j) the
*32. Our voyage was first (a)__happy one. When we were on (b) __way to (c)__East Indies, (d)__terrible storm broke out and drove us to (e)__North-west of Van Die men’s land near Australia. Twelve of our sailors died. They died from (f)__over work and bad food. (g)__rest were sick and weak. It was (h)__fifth of November and November began (i)__summer in this part. It was misty all over and we could not see (j)__things clearly.
Answer: (a) a (b) the (c) the (d) a (e) the (f) x (g) The (h) the (i) the (j) x
*33. I was (a)__ dark night. A blind man was walking alone (b)__road with (c)__lamp in his hand. Two men laughed at (d)___blind man. One said, “What’s (e)__use of (f)__lamp to a blind man?” The other called him (g)__fool. The blind man heard this and said, “It’s for those who’re (h)__careless.” “What (i)__surprise”, said (j)__others.
Answer: (a) a (b) the (c) a (d) the (e) the (f) a (g) a (h) x (i) a (j) the
*34. Jackfruit is (a)__national fruit of Banglaesh. It is (b)__ largest of all fruits in Bangladesh and it s abundantly grown in all (c)__part of (d)__country. It is (e)__easonal fruit which usually ripens during summer. (f)__fruit has (g)__prickly skin out side but its (h)__tasty flakes are arranged inside. (i)__climate in Bangladesh is perfect for (j)__cultivationn off the fruit.
Answer: (a) the (b) the (c) the (d) the (e) a (f) The (g) a (h) x (i) The (j) the
***35.My uncle lives in (a)___USA. Once he was (b)__university teacher. Now he is working as (c)___expert in (d)__consultancy firm. Though he has been living there for five years, he has not been issued his (e)__green card. He is trying his best to get (f)__card. We have heard a lot of stories about his merit. From his childhood he speaks (g)__English like (h)__English. He is such (i)___brillint person that my parents often encourage me o follow him. But I don’t like him because he does not live in our (j)__beautiful country.
Answer: (a) the (b) a (c) an (d) a (e) x (f) a (g) x (h) the (i) a (j) x
36. Our Parliament Building is (a)___highly expensive building. It is (b)__wonder of modern architecture and technology. It is one of (c)__largest and most spectacular parliament buildings in (d)___world. (e)__maintainance cost of the parliament house is about (f)__ 50 million taka per year. It s (g)__mere luxury to have such (h)__expensive parliament building for Bangladesh. (i)__Ameerica architect Louis I Kann designed this (j)___building.
Answer: (a) a (b) a (c) the (d) the (e) The (f) x (g) a (h) an (i) An (j) x
*37. The prize ceremony is (a)__occasion of joy. Almost every school holds (b)___price giving ceremony. The prize giving ceremony of our (c)__school was held on 2 March in (d)__ school compound. We decorated (e)___school building very tastefully. (f)___big pandal was erected to hold the function. There were two tables neatly decorated on which (g)__prizes were kept. On one side was (h)__platform from where the speeches were delivered. There was also a victory stand from where (i)__recipiients received their (j)___prizes.
Answer: (a) an (b) a (c) x (d) the (e) the (f) A (g) x (h) a (i) the (j) x
*38. A journey is always (a)__ pleasure to me. Wherever I go on a journey, my hear leaps with (b)__joy. But (c)__journey by boat gives me (d)__greatest pleasure. Since Bangladesh is land of (e)__rivers, it is (f)__easy to make (g)__journey by boat. Whenever I get (h)__opportunity to make (i)__journey by boat, I make (j)__best use of this opportunity.
Answer: (a) a (b) x (c) a (d) the (e) x (f) x (g) a (h) an (i) a (j) the

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