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Grammatical  Spot

Tag Questions 


But it is not an easy task, is it? 

Nothing is certain, is it?

A sick rich man is not happier than a healthy poor man, is he?

Ours is a small country, isn’t it? 

And population is our great problem, isn’t it? 

It is calm and quiet, isn’t it?

Life is very uncertain on earth, isn’t it? 

“I” is a pronoun, isn’t it?

Life is full of troubles and difficulties, isn’t it ? 

The earth is round, isn’t she? 

Why don’t we start now? It’s only drizzling, isn’t it?

The spot is quite far from here, isn’t it?

Telling lies is a great sin, isn’t it? 

What a pity, isn’t it? 

It is very charming, isn’t it? 

Health is wealth, isn’t it?

There is a little water in this pond, isn’t there? 

‘You’ is a pronoun, isn’t it? 

It is impossible, isn’t it? 

His name was Jerry, wasn’t it?

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