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Grammatical  Spot

 Tag Question


Nobody pays due respect to a dishonest man,do they? 

Nobody dislikes flowers, do they?

Yet men do not hesitate to cut down tree, do they?

Nobody pays him due respect, do they?

But many men do not realize the importance of trees, do they? 

Time and tide wait for none, do they?

None believes a liar, do they? 

Nobody knows when death comes, do they?

But we hardly realize this truth, do we?

I do not feel fine today, do I?

We love Bangladesh but we hardly travel across this country, do we?



They feel her absence, don’t they?

Teachers teach, don’t they?

Everybody enjoys a moon lit night, don’t they? 

Even little insects fly here and there, don’t they?

I know you have not hidden my pen, don’t I? 

They give us oxygen, don’t they?

They help us in many ways, don’t they? 

Many of us waste our time, don’t we?

They waste their valuable time, don’t they? 

Every one knows this, don’t they?

Everybody dislikes him, don’t they?

Every student wants to do well in the examination, don’t they ?

Every mother loves her child, don’t they? 

Everybody loves flowers, don’t they?

We need flowers to greet our honorable guests, don’t we? 

Now many people cultivate flowers, don’t they?