Grammatical Spot: SPECIAL VERBS

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There are 24 special verbs in English. 

They are also divided into 2 parts.

#1. For the Tense.

# 2. For the ‘Operator’


In Tense, there are 13 special verbs.

They are:

In Present Tense, there are 7 special verbs.

Such as-

am, is, are, do, does, have and has.

In Past Tense, there are 4 special verbs.

Such as-

was, were, did and had.

In Future Tense, there are 2 special verbs.

Such as-

shall and will.


In Operator, there are 11 special verbs.

They are:

Can, Could, May, Might, Must, Would, Should, Used to, Ought to, Need to and Dare to.

Note: If you can’t find out any special verbs in a sentence, make sure that that sentence is either present indefinite tense or past indefinite tense.

After subject, if you notice the present form of verb then it is present indefinite tense.

On the other hand, if the verb is in the past form, then it is past indefinite tense.

For example:

i) Monica goes to shopping mall. [Present Indefinite]

ii) She went to America.[Past Indefinite]


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