Good Citizen (Part- 4)

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Good Citizen  


[Part- 4]

[In the Office]

GM Sir (Managing Director)          : Secretary!

NIHA (Secretary)                          : Yes sir!

GM Sir (Managing Director)         : Call the candidates one by one.

NIHA (Secretary)                          : Okay sir!

GM Sir (Managing Director)         : Manager- firstly you ask the questions candidate

CHAN MIA (Manager)                  : Thank you, sir.

NIHA (Secretary)                          : Sir, this is the first candidate.

TAUHID (Candidate)                    : Assalamu alaikum.

GM Sir (Managing Director)         : Walaikum as salam.

CHAN MIA (Manager)                  :  Have your seat.

TAUHID (Candidate)                    : Thank you, sir.

GM Sir (Managing Director)         : You have applied for the post of an Officer, right?

TAUHID (Candidate)                    : Yes, sir.

GM Sir (Managing Director)         : What’s your legal name?

TAUHID (Candidate)                    : Thanks for your asking. My legal name’s Md. Tauhidur Islam.

GM Sir (Managing Director)         : Manager-

CHAN MIA (Manager)                  : Yes sir.

                                                        Can you type? (to candidate)

TAUHID (Candidate)                     : Yes, sir. I can.

CHAN MIA (Manager)                   : Do you know how to operate computer?

TAUHID (Candidate)                     : Yes, sir. I do.

CHAN MIA (Manager)                   : Can you browse net?

TAUHID (Candidate)                     : No, I don’t. But I’m sure; I’ll be able to learn it very quickly.

CHAN MIA (Manager)                   : Well, it sounds good.

[Pointing at MD Sir]

CHAN MIA (Manager)                   :Sir!

GM Sir (Managing Director)          :What do you know about “Good Citizen”? (to candidate)

TAUHID (Candidate)                   :Thank you sir for this important asking. Actually, a good citizen has to fulfill several duties in order to honestly enjoy all his rights. A good citizen is one who adjusts with his environment, lives up to the expectations of his fellowmen, according to all norms and rules of the country.

GM Sir (Managing Director)          : Excellent. You have been selected for the post of an Officer.

TAUHID (Candidate)                     : Thank you sir, thank you so much.


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