Good Citizen [Part-2]

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Good Citizen


A good citizen respects the environment and does not damage it in anyway. He/she works hard. He/she is well mannered and pleasant. He/she is always willing to learn.

[The Auto Rickshaw stops his auto and takes 2 students and after a while it takes 1 madam.]

 KAWSER (Auto helper)         : Stop! Stop! Stop, please! There are    passengers!

RIAZ (Auto Driver)                 : Okay. Let them sit and be careful! They are our nation’s future. Good citizen.

KAWSER (Auto helper)         : Of course! Don’t worry.

RIAZ (Auto Driver)                 : Should I start now?

KAWSER (Auto helper)         : Yes, Boss! Start please.


[The Auto Rickshaw stops his auto to take 1 madam.]

 KAWSER (Auto helper)         : Stop! Stop! Stop, please! There’s another passenger!

RIAZ (Auto Driver)                 : Sure. Bring madam respectfully!

KAWSER (Auto helper)         : Yes, Boss! Please, madam-come un have your seat, please.

Bizly (New Class Teacher)      : Thank you, you are very gentle.

KAWSER (Auto helper)         : Thank you, Madam!

Bizly (New Class Teacher)      : It’s fine!


[Suddenly, Sharmin made a mistake by touching her knee with madam inadvertently]

 SHARMIN (Student)               : Sorry, it was done inadvertently!

Bizly (New Class Teacher)      : It’s ok, sit down! Sit down! Thanks for this honor. What about you?

SHARMIN (Student)               : My name’s Sharmin. Actually, we are the students of OYSTER ACADEMY! Un we’re going there. She’s Tamim. (Assalamu alaikum)

Bizly (New Class Teacher)      : It sounds good. I’m going ta OYSTER too. I’m goin ta join there as an English Teacher.

2 Students                               : Good morning Mam!

Bizly (New Class Teacher)      : Good morning


 [The Head teacher of Oyster Academy is working in her office. In the mean time, New teacher Miss. Bizly gets inside]

 Bizly (New Teacher)           : May I come in Ma’am?

MOMO (Head teacher)       : Sure, you may. Please have your seat.

Bizly (New Teacher)           : Thank you Maa’m. Nice to meet you!

MOMO (Head teacher)       : Nice to meet you too!

Bizly (New Teacher)           : I’m Bizly. I have been appointed.

MOMO (Head teacher)       : Oh, yeah! You have been appointed for the post of an assistant teacher, right?

Bizly (New Teacher)           : Yeah, that’s right!

MOMO (Head teacher)       : I wish you will work in our school as a good citizen.

Bizly (New Teacher)           : Okay ma’am, rest assured

MOMO (Head teacher)      : Thank you Ok, let’s go.

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