Good Citizen (Part-1)

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Good Citizen

Scene # 01

[The Head teacher of Oyster Academy is working in her office. In the mean time, 2 students get inside]

SHARMIN (Student)      : May we come in, Mam?

MOMO (Head teacher)     : Hum hu.. Get inside.

2 Students                        : Good Morning, Mam!

MOMO (Head teacher)     : Morning! What’s up? Anything’s wrong?

Sharmin (Student)            : Mam- here’s a problem un if you allow me to say….

MOMO (Head teacher)     : Oh, dear… take it easy. Go on tell me. What’s up?

TAMIM (Student)            :Mam Allow me to say

MOMO (Head teacher)     :Sure! What’s wrong with you?[

 SHARMIN (Student)-1   : Actually, our Class teacher isn’t careful to us.

TAMIM (Student)            : Nowadays, he is teaching us from the Guide Book.

MOMO (Head teacher)  : My God! Whya didn’t inform me earlier?   Oh, shit! How disgraceful! Okay, girls- let me see. Now, you may go un be careful!

2 Students                                  : Okay, Mam! It’ll be so. Good-bye!

MOMO (Head teacher)              :Good-bye!


[To be continued…..

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