Good Citizen (Last part)

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Short Drama:

Good Citizen (Last part)

[At the TEA STALL]

[Hotel Manager Mr. Imran is on the chair, Hotel assistant Mr. Chan Mia is calling the customers and entertaining them, Mr. Minal is serving them and Dukhu Mia is washing cups,glasses and making tea. All the guests enter into the tea stall. Meanwhile, Miss Orpi comes on the spot]

Mr. Imran (Manager)          : Mr. Chan Mia- look our chairman is over there. Call him. 

Chan Mia [ To the Guests]  : Excuse me- please, get inside. We have strong liquor Tea. Please come on! 

Minal (Runs to call them)    : Please sir- get inside. We have pure tea. Please have some cups of tea. 

Milon [To Saroer]                 : Look sir- they are very polite and good citizen! 

Pervez                                  : Yes sir, me too! 

Milon [To Parvez]                  : Shut up! Stupid! 

Pervez                                   : Sorry! Sorry! 

Milon [To Saroer]                    : Sir, let’s get inside. 

Saroer                                      : Okay, let’s move. 

[Inside the TEA STALL]

Mr. Imran (Manager) : Mr. Chan Mia- take care them. 

Chan Mia                   : Yes, sir. Please, everyone- have your seat and order  please. 

Milon                          : Give us some cups of tea. 

Chan Mia                    : Sure, sir.  

Chan Mia (To Minal)   : Minal–Get them tea, please hurry up.

Minal                            : Ok, It will be so. Hey Dukhu Mia, make some cups of tea and do it quickly!

Dukhu Mia                    : Oh, yeah-I got it. I’m doing it quickly, don’t worry. 

 [All guests are gossiping. Meanwhile Miss. Orpi comes]

Chan Mia        : Please Mam- have your seat. 

Saroer             : Hello! This is Saroer, a police officer.

Orpi                 : How do you do? I’m Orpi, an education officer from UNICEF.

Milon                : Hello- nice to meet you.Please, have your seat.

Orpi                  : Nice to meet you too. 

Milon                 : Mam-should I offer you a cup of tea? 

Orpi                   : Sounds good. I’m feeling better here. You are good citizen. Un I wanna assist you. 

Dukhu Mia        : Excuse me- tea is ready. 

Orpi (Noticing Dukhu Mia)  : My God! You? Here? Working as a hotel boy? My God? Why? Why are you doing this job? 

Imran (Manager)   : Excuse me, Mam- anything’s wrong?

Orpi (Noticing Dukhu Mia) : Listen up! I know him well. He’s a teacher. But……!

Chan Mia             : But, working here. Yes, he’s working here not to make money. He’s just realizing the life style of a tea-stall boy. Then, he                                will teach his students his experience. 

Dukhu Mia            : Yeah, such right. As a good teacher, I have to prepare good lessons and for this I’m doing this. 

Orpi                       : What a surprise! Really, It’s my new experience un I’ll discuss it in our next meeting. 

Chan Mia               : Everybody-let’s salute our Dukhu sir……

     [All salute him with honour]


Dear honorable readers-

We all know about good citizen. A good citizen does not act in any way that brings any sort of dishonor to the country. With all these essential qualities, any individual belonging to any country can be called a good citizen. A citizen fulfilling these norms will be termed as a good citizen in any country. Thank you so much for joining us. Let’s try to be a good citizen right now.

Please keep in touch. Hope to see ya next drama named  “Let’s Be Honest.”


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