For S.S.C candidates:Tag Questions Hasn’t/Haven’t & Mayn’t/Must/Mustn’t/Can/Can’t/Could/Couldn’t/Need/Needn’t/Oughtn’t

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Tag Questions


She has little idea about it, has she?

He has to lead a miserable life, hasn’t he?

It has a large population, hasn’t it? 

They have to be overcome if we are to succeed in life, haven’t they?


We may fail at first, mayn’t we? 

But we must not loose heart, must we?

But we must not loose heart, must we? 

He must not memorise the answer without knowing the meaning, must he?

We must do the well-being of mankind, mustn’t we? 

 We must take care of our health, mustn’t we?

But we can’t start our journey unless it stops raining, can we?

The beauty of moon lit might can not be described in words, can it?

You cannot be sure, can you? 

He can never help people of the society, can he?

An unhealthy man cannot prosper in life, can he?

Blind men cannot read, can they?

But population can be as asset for a country, can’t it?

He can render social services, can’t he?

So, one can have peace and happiness in a nuclear family, can’t one?

None could prosper in life without utilizing time, could they?

So all of us ought to refrain from telling lies, oughtn’t we? 

I shall enjoy your company another day, shan’t I? 

You need not come here tomorrow, need you?

You need not do this, need you? 

One need not think of others, need one?


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