Everyday English- 1

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Everyday English# 01

  1. Long time no see.= Yeah, right
  1. It’s been long time since we met.=Yeah, right
  1. Are you surprised to see me?=No, it’s ok.
  1. I’ve heard a lot about you.=Really!
  1. I was under the impression that you won’t come more =Why do you think so? Take it easy.
  1. Please have a seat.=Thanks a lot.
  1. Please have something cold.=No, thanks/It’s a good idea!
  1. Thanks for your invitation. =It’s fine.
  1. Just tea will do.=Ok, I’m giving you.

     10.Will you have rice?=No, thanks.

     11.Never mind, I’ll dine out today.=Ok, it’s all right.

     12.You are so nice. =Really! Thanks a lot.

    13.Please, wait here till I’m back.=Ok, please come back soon

    14.Okay, it will be so.=Thank you

    15.Let’s have a stroll.=Wao! Let’s go!/Opps! Never mind, I’ve to do another job

    16.Would you spend the whole day with me?=Sorry, I won’t be able to stay with you whole day.

  1. Sorry, I won’t be able to stay with you whole day.=Ok, that’s all right
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