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 There is no controversy over the fact that English language is now very essential to all. Before discussing it the thing which has to be mentioned at first is that we all must have consciousness about its impotency. The benefit of learning English is very important part that we cannot avoid it anyway.

Today we have to think internationally as well as we are to communicate with foreigners for different purposes. So, we need to speak English. We have to learn this language in order to speak and do the needful with the foreigners. Here we can say that English is one of many important languages of the world. It is considered as an important language today. We need to learn English for our higher education. Moreover to keep pace with the progressive force of the world learning English is a must.

The most important aspect of learning English without which the description becomes incomplete is its effect upon the individual.

Finally, we can say that learning English is such an affair that can be discussed in many ways. The importance of learning English can not be expressed in word. It is a passport to a successful future. So, we all should learn this language right now.


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