Degree/Hons. [ Exercise on Articles ]

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[ Exercise on Articles ]


Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles. Put a cross (×) where an article is not needed. 

1.(a)__morning walk is (b) __good habit for all classes of (c) __people. It is (d) __simple exercise and good for health and (e) __ mentality. In the morning, (f) __air is fresh and free from any kind of noise and pollution. This pure (g) __environment makes (h) __effect on (i) __nature in (j) __morning.

Answer: (a) x (b) a (c) x (d) a (e) x (f) the (g) x (h) an (i) x (j) the 

2.(a) __idle man and (b) __active man cannot be equal. We know (c) __story of (d) __ant and (e) __grasshopper. (f)__ant was industrious. On the other hand, the grasshopper was really (g) __lazy. The ant knew that (h) __industrious shine. On (i) __contrary, (j) __lazy suffer in life.

Answer: (a) An (b) an (c) the (d) the (e) a (f) the (g) x (h) the (i) the (j) the 

3.A brilliant student is (a) _assets. One day he may be (b) _engineer or (c) _MBBS doctor. He makes (d) __best use of his time. He makes a proper division of his time and does his duties accordingly. He knows that youth is (e) _golden period of (f) _life. He does his duties accordingly. He has (g) __aim in life. He knows that (h) __life without (i) __aim is like (j) _ship without a rudder. 

Answer: (a) an (b) an (c) an (d) the (e) the (f) × (g) an (h) × (i) an (j) a 

4.Long long ago (a) __mirror was found in (b) __paddy field by (c) __old farmer. Neither this farmer nor anybody else in (d) __area had ever seen a mirror. So, when (e) __farmer looked into (f) __mirror, he was surprised to see (g) __man looking straight at him. Now, (h) __farmer closely (i) __resembled his father who had died many years ago. He thought that it was his father (j) __inside it and saluted him with love and respect.

Answer: (a) a (b) a (c) an (d) the (e) the (f) the (g) a (h) the (i) x (j) x 

5.Bangladesh is (a) __world’s most densely populated country. Our development efforts are frusted because of (b) __great size of our population. (c)__population explosion is (d) __constant threat to our environment and (e) __society. Herr Population is growing at such (f) __high rate that (g) __environment may soon fail to supply (h) __people with their minimum necessities. It is indeed (i) __alarming situation. Something should be done to change (j) __situation. 

Answer: (a) the (b) the (c) x (d) a (e) x (f) a (g) the (h) the (i) an (j) the 

6.My brother is (a) __army officer. He is working in (b) __UN mission in (c) __African country. He is (d) __physician. He is not only (e) __MBBS but also (f) __FRCS. We (g) __family members are looking for (h) __suitable bride for him. Primarily, we have chosen two girls. Now we will finalize either of (i) __two, who is (j) __better.

Answer: (a) an (b) a (c) an (d) a (e) an (f) an (g) the (h) a (i) the (j) × 

7.(a)__16th December is (b) __red letter day in the history of Bangladesh. On this day, we achieved (c) __freedom at the cost of (d) __bloody battle and Bangladesh came into (e) __being and made a place in (f) __world map as (g) __independent country. Every year this day is celebrated in (h) __enthusiastic atmosphere. We remember (i) __great sacrifice of our heroic sons who died for this country. We also pay (j) __great tribute to them. 

Answer: (a) The (b) a (c) x (d) a (e) x (f) the (g) an (h) an (i) the (j) a 

8.(a)__honest boy is he who never tells a lie. He carries out (b) __orders of his parents. He has (c) __aim in life. He develops (d) __attitude to serve his nation. He is (e) __active worker who upholds (f) __interest of his nation above everything. He thinks that he has (g) __role to play in all matters. We cordially expect such (h) __boy to change (i) __selfish motive of (j) __people. 

Answer: (a) An (b) the (c) an (d) an (e) an (f) the (g) a (h) a (i) the (j) the 

9.Though newspaper is not always (a) __unmixed blessing, it is (b) __most useful thing in our life. We rarely think of (c) __day without reading (d) __ newspaper. Reading newspaper is one of (e) __good habits of a man. We shall be like (f) __frog in a dark well if we neglect developing this habit. However, some people prefer (g) __electronic media to reading (h) __newspaper. But (i) __newspaper offers more to its reader than (j) __electronic media.

Answer: (a) an (b) the (c) a (d) x (e) the (f) a (g) x (h) x (i) x (j) an 

10.Tea is a drink. It is also (a) __refreshing drink. The preparation of tea is a long but (b) __interesting process. (c)__water is first boiled in (d) __kettle and (e) __desired quantity of (f) __tea dust is put in it. After (g) __few minutes (h) __boiled leaves are separated (i) __liquor. Then the liquor is poured into (j) __cup and some milk and sugar are mixed with it. 

Answer: (a) a (b) an (c) x (d) a (e) the (f) x (g) a (h) the (i) the (j) a 

11.Newspaper plays (a) __important role in our society. It is (b) __most useful thing in our modern life. We cannot think of (c) __day without it. To read newspaper is (d) __good habit. (e)__more we read newspaper (f) __more we can acquire knowledge. If we don’t read it, we shall be (g) __frogs in (h) __dark well. It is (j) __looking glass of (j) __modern world. 

Answer: (a) an (b) the (c) a (d) a (e) the (f) the (g) x (h) the (i) a (j) the 

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