Degree (Pass) & Honours (Non-Credit) Course (Fill in the gaps with articles:)

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Degree (Pass) & Honours (Non-Credit) Course


Fill in the gaps with articles:

1.I have a pen friend who lives in (a)—European city. Yesterday I received (b)–one-sentence letter from (c)–friend. He informed me that he was leaving for (d)–USA in (e)–hour.

ANSWER: (a) a   (b) a   (c) the   (d) the   (e) an

  1. Last night I heard (a) —Knock at my door. I opened (b) —and found my cousin Kamal there. He told me that he had come on (c) —urgent business. I let him in. He stayed with me for (d) — hour and narrated (e) —incident that had taken place in the morning.

ANSWER: (a) a   (b) x (c) an   (d) an   (e) the

  1. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) is (a) —-last prophet of Allah and the leader of all prophets. He is (b) —-greatest of men and teachers ever both on earth. His father Abdullah died before his birth and his mother Amena died when he was only six. So he became (c) —orphan when he was still (d) —infant. He was brought up by (e) —nurse named Halima.

ANSWER: (a) the (b) the (c) an   (d) an   (e) a

  1. The Meghna is (a) —name of (b) —river. It is (c) —important river and is considered both (d) —blessing and a curse. But it plays a vital role in (e) —economy of Bangladesh.

ANSWER:   (a) the (b) a (c) an (d) a (e) the

  1. Education is (a) —- backbone of (b) —nation. No nation can prosper keeping (c) —-large section of her population illiterate. Primary education forms (d) — basis of one’s life. (e)—educated citizen can read book, newspaper etc.

ANSWER:   (a) the (b) a (c) a (d) the (e) An

  1. William Wordsworth, (a) —second son of (b) — attorney-at-law, studied in (c) —-university named Cambridge. He wrote a remarkable poem on (d) —France Revolution. (e)—English are proud of him.

ANSWER:   (a) the (b) an (c) a (d) the (e) The

  1. After summer comes (a) —rainy season. People heave (b) —-sigh of relief. (c)—Sky is overcast with cloudy and (d) —sun cannot be seen for hours. Rivers are full to (e) —-brim.

ANSWER: (a) the (b) a (c) the (d) the (e) the

  1. (a) —-English is an international language that must be learnt by all (b) —people of the world. One is blind today without the help of English, (c) —English knowing person gets privilege everywhere. Today English is not only the language of the British; it is now a world language. Moreover, now there are many kinds of English, but the English of (d) —-English is still (e) —best.

ANSWER:   (a) x (b) the (c) the (d) the (e) the

  1. Bangladesh is (a) —land of rivers. These rivers are (b) —blessing of Almighty Allah and pride to us. They are closely related to our economy and (c) —prosperity of our country. Ours is (d) —agricultural country. Our agriculture largely depends on our rivers. Our rivers are also (e) —important means of communication.

ANSWER: (a) a (b) a (c) the (d) an (e) an

  1. 10. Have you ever talked to (a) —street beggar? I have! He leads (b) —miserable life. Very often people behave rudely with them. (c)—Police torture them and (d) —hijackers rob them. If you talk to any of them, you’ll feel (e) —urgency to do something for these wretches.

ANSWER:   (a) a (b) ac) the (d) the (e) x

  1. I thought him to be (a)__illiterate man.But he is(b)__university teacher.The university has recently made him (c)_professor. People acknowledge him as (d)_honest man in (e)_society.

ANSWER: (a) an   (b) a   (c) X   (d) an   (e) X

  1. Once there lived (a) __one –eyed man in (b) ___unknown village. He bought (c) ___ewe. (d)___ewe gave birth to four kids. (e)__kids were very strong.

ANSWER:   (a) a (b) an (c) an (d) the (e) The

  1. Japan is to (a) __east of our country. (b)___sunrise is first seen in Japan. So, Japan is called (c) __land of the rising sun. It is (d) ___developed country and the Japanese are very fond of beauty. (e)__Japanese children are very modest.

ANSWER:   (a) the (b) the (c) the (d) a (e) The

  1. Mount Everest has always fascinated climbers. It is in (a) __Himalayan mountains. It is (b) __highest Mountain in (c) ___world. It was named after (d) ___English man, George Everest. He was (e) ___first man to survey the Himalayas in 1841.

ANSWER:   (a) the (b) the (c) the (d) an (e) the

  1. (A)__wealthy Arab once lost (b)_ piece of gold. He was sure that (c)__thief was

(d) __member of his own household. (e)__Arab forgave him.

ANSWER:   (a) A (b) a (c) the (d) a (e) The

  1. At (a) __meeting held yesterday (b) __workers of (c) __factory raised many problems and discussed them. They requested (d) __chairman to prepare (e) __report.

ANSWER: (a) the (b) the (c) the (d) the (e) a

  1. Hamlet was once (a) __happiest young man in the country. But (b) __great trouble came into his life. His father died suddenly in (c) __mysterious way. Hamlet was told that (d) __old king had died from the bite of (e) __snake when he was asleep.

ANSWER: (a) the (b) a (c) a (d) the (e) a

  1. Judi is (a)__M.A examinee.She has been suffering from fever.She made (b) __appointment with an experienced doctor who had his degree from (c) __U.S.A. On (d) __fixed day she reached the doctor’s chamber. Their she saw (e) __one eyed man.

ANSWER: (a) an (b) an (c) the (d) the (e) a

  1. Everybody knows that sincerity is (a) __key to success. (b) __person can prosper in life by doing hard work. The man who does not follow (c) __rules of sincerity can never go (d) __long way in this world. There are (e) __lot of examples of this.

ANSWER: (a) the (b) A (c) the (d) a (e) a

  1. I saw (a) __film last night. (b) __film was about (c) __solder and (d) __beautiful girl. The solder was in love with (e) __girl but (f) __girl was in love with (g) ___teacher. So (h) __solder shot (i) __teacher and married (j) ___girl.

ANSWER: (a) a (b) the (c) a (d) a (e) the (f) the (g) a (h) the (i) the (j) the

  1. Bob Collins has recently become (a) ___ minister in (b) ___ new government. He was (c) ___professional footballer in the 1960s. He is supposed to be (d) ___most skillful player of his generation. He became (e) ___Member of Parliament in 1990.

ANSWER: (a) a (b) the (c) a (d) the (e) a




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