Daily Life  [Social people]

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Daily Life
[Social people]

We are human being and we have society. So, we should have the knowledge as well as understand the natural value of every human life, regardless of background or beliefs. Before that- we have to have Integrity. It implies acting honesty, responsibly and ethically at all times. From the beginning, we must look at ourselves and our speech. We have to prepare ourselves to take a stand. Our own values are set and usually a very important part of ourselves. There are many values to be taught. Personal opinions get put aside for professional ones. A person believes is incorrect or mediocre. Very often we are called to work with various people who may not have the same training which takes up professional values over personal ones Another point is the value of competence. Yes, it means that we practice in our spot of expertise plus we don’t misrepresent our knowledge to get ahead. Here’s my assessment and I am sure – If one’s individual values are more significant than the argument of choices and informed decision making, one might desire to sense about whether he or she would desire those values respected by others. Social people are likely to hold in their arms a diversity of values and people. Learning to do this is a process which takes time and a willingness to do so.

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