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X: Hi friend! Nice to meet you.

Y: Nice to meet you too. How are you, friend?

X: Fine, thanks. And you?

Y: I’m also fine. Long time no see, right?

X: Yeah! It’s been long time since we met.

Y: I was under the impression that you won’t come more. But…

X: Are you surprised to see me?

Y: Yeah, it’s right. I’ve heard a lot about you.

X: Really! It’s fine. Please have a seat.

Y: Please have something cold.

X: Thanks. You are so nice, friend. Just tea will do.

Y: Okay, it will be so. Friend- would you spend the whole day with me?

X: Sorry, friend. I won’t be able to stay with you whole day. I’ve to go to my village.

X: Okay, friend- Let’s have a stroll.

Y: It’s a good idea! Ok, let’s go.

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