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Today, I’d like to talk about ‘Co-operation’. Yeah! We need co-operation. Co-operation means working together for the benefit of all. We need co-operation in every field of endeavor. It is very important to prosper in every sphere of life and everyone has to realize this truth, otherwise no hope will be left for the nation. In our society shockingly, most people in the power seat are short-sighted and do not realize that by only looking out for “no one”, they are ruining the country’s as well as their own opportunities to prosper in this life and the next.I think, our society needs to take a definite individual shape and that needs to be formed immediately. Our main aim should be to develop our own society as well as fortune. We know that without the co-operation of our society as a whole we cannot accomplish anything for our various communities.Those who are interested in doing something for the country other than their career, can take part in such social works. We all should come forward to make our society’s future a success story.

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