Poetry: Still Alive!

Poetry: Still Alive!   Isolated  struggling  for existence;  eventually couldn’t die  living somewhat  your voice I hear  in this heavenly Earth….. Now- I can live  and well … near the … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Jumping Heart!

Poetry: Jumping Heart! Monica—  Every heartbeat bears your name  loud and clear  And it’s true Ask anyone…  Here’s my heart  Listen to me  You can speak  Yeah! What’s on my … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Love

Poetry: Love      Love is need Love is pain Love is love Or it’s feelings   It may be recollecting; Or using Can change someone Or Everything. Or crying— … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Black luster

Poetry: Black luster A heaven of blooming flowers Pouring their fragrance In the air Amid a feast of colors In our souls Where we live Nature stretches out Its varied themes … Continue Reading →

Two Poems

 Two Poems (i) It’s under the blue sky Keep pace with the rhyme and pass the village today. The flowers have bloomed…. smell them that is the fun. Let’s go … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Hardship

Poetry: Hardship Desert heart- Hazard me; Here’s only pain. Stone of mind- Tease me; Here’s no cheating game. Lustful love- Laugh at me; Here’s only shame!

Poetry:Best Is Love 

Poetry Best Is Love  A flute enchanting Its tune haunting Enthralls my feelings Earthly and ether-cal And that’s how love blooms. A rose silken yellow Fragrance womanly mellow Beauty unbelievable … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Recollection

 Poetry: Recollection! How can I forget you?  You would love the lights at nights  On the neon Broadway signs  you didn’t really mind,  It’s only love  You hoped to find  … Continue Reading →