ARCHITECT  In Bangladesh

ARCHITECT  In Bangladesh As far we know in our country like Bangladesh, we notice-An architect works designing buildings, homes and other structures. Architects draw up blue prints which are used as … Continue Reading →


Chitchat! How about telling a story in place of study? This time I feel like telling a story. I had better tell a story. Actually, it’s not like a story … Continue Reading →


Clash  Clash is an unavoidable part of life. It can be defined in many ways but one of the simplest is that it pertains to the opposing ideas and actions … Continue Reading →


Truthfulness What’s happening in our country named Bangladesh? What’s the real fact? May be it’s true or false! If any, to tell a lie is a great sin and we … Continue Reading →

Depend upon Agriculture! 

Depend upon Agriculture  Bangladesh is an agricultural country. We all depend upon agriculture to meet our requirement of food. We get our food because the farmer grows crops and carries … Continue Reading →

Working women

Working women These days the women of Bangladesh are becoming working women. They are no more dependent on men. Their role is changing progressively. If you have a close look … Continue Reading →

Agriculture  in Bangladesh

Agriculture  in Bangladesh Since in  Bangladesh, even now in 2018 of the Third Millennium, more than 77% of the population depend on agriculture, it is necessary that the products of the land … Continue Reading →