Beautiful Life!

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Beautiful Life

Do you love your life? Is it beautiful? Are you struggling against all odds? Yeah, we love the life we have. Overall, life is beautiful. Things which are beautiful seem to give us energy and also happiness. Not everything is beautiful in our life. Sometimes it makes us depressed, and we felt this way since young age. It is for us as if beauty is part of our life, and without beauty of some sorts our life seems blank and almost not worth living. Yet beautiful expressions, a kind gesture of someone, an artistic sensitive expression from some direction, a beautiful picture, nice color combinations, a beautiful landscape, and flowers in all kinds, or a beautiful smile is something we seem to “need” as we need the air to breath. So there is always some beauty around us, and if it would be our way everything would be beautiful, but this is a bit difficult. There will be starts, stops, and lots of tension along the way. But, as with anything, beginning is half the battle. If we’ve gone this far, we have made progress. So, we should go ahead and allow ourselves to feel good about being at the halfway point to living a beautiful life! 
Again, learning about ourselves can be a hugely emotional process, but if we approach it with honesty, we will find it cleansing and therapeutic. Maybe we love connecting with others, but others find us aloof. This exercise will help point to truths about ourselves that aren’t readily visible to the outside world as well as universal truths we may not be ready to accept. Let’s go ahead. Let’s deserve it.

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