Gambling!   Shockingly, most of the undeveloped country’s people in the power seat are short-sighted (in Asia) and do not realize that by only looking out for “No. One”; they … Continue Reading →

ARCHITECT  In Bangladesh

ARCHITECT  In Bangladesh As far we know in our country like Bangladesh, we notice-An architect works designing buildings, homes and other structures. Architects draw up blue prints which are used as … Continue Reading →


Commitment Is it all right if I say, “Commitment means making something strong and healthy”? Or, if I say Commitment is a promise to be loyal to someone or something, … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Before you

Poetry: Before you  I’m here- just before you Nothing to lose Nothing else to find  nothing in the world  that could change my mind  I’m here- just before you Starving … Continue Reading →

Society’s Culture

Society’s Culture Society is an association of all classes of people with common interest, aim and principle. We live in a society. We all should have the consciousness about the … Continue Reading →