Against All Odds!

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Against All Odds

Shahin Mia is a child of Srivardi Thana of Sherpur district, who is a less educated person who fails to see himself dreaming of being able to make himself fit, who does not stop due to limitations and heterogeneity for adequate education, who is his mother, father, brother and sister Even today, forgetting to build himself, he still has to go to the door of the village to make the future of the poor and the poor, He just rushed the cyclist to implement the unfinished dream, his dream was helpless. He is none other, he is our Shahin Mia.

This is Shahin Mia, who is the founder and director of the poor and helpless student development organization, who is the founding director of THE DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION FOR THE HELPLESS AND POOR STUDENTS (DOHPS) .
As well as performing his career as a professional in military life, along with hundreds of hardships, the army has been working for all the training and professional responsibilities of the army as well as for the overall welfare of the students falling in the civilian environment for the last 9 years. With the help of only a few students, the organization of this organization has been able to express itself in the form of volunteer organization named DOHPS, through the various limitations and responsibilities of the students. For his organization’s activities, he earned the prestigious “Special Service Medal” (BSP) Medal by the Honorable President. It is our pride, the arrogant arrogance, the arrogance of Sherpur. Some of the students of this organization who were going to drop out of the camp are now studying in various renowned educational institutions of the country including Dhaka University and now the other students of the organization are studying in various educational institutions.Mr. Shahin’s role in preventing child marriage is undeniable. He helped educate many innocent girls like Rupa, Namita, Nasima, Nita, in preventing child marriage. In spite of the authenticity of the proverb, he has planned to set up an education development training center and educational institution in the near future to unite students who fall in the near future, whose activities are in progress, and he is working relentlessly in the hope of establishing all the districts in future.Large amount of money is needed to set up institution buildings and administrative buildings. It is extremely difficult to co-ordinate without the help of liberal minds. And to implement this plan, you, mine, all of us need cooperation and sympathy alone.

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