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For men, use Mr. with the full name, or just with the last name.

For married women, use Mrs. And add the husband’s last name.

For all women, you can also use Ms.

Ms. Does not tell you if a woman is married or not.

Some more TIPS:

Addressing strangers

There is no general word and most people use:

Excuse me…

With a man, to be very formal, or if he is a superior, use:


To be informal or rude, use:

Hey you;   Mister

To be formal to a woman, use:

Madam; (M’am)      Miss

To call a teenager, use:

Young man; Miss/Madam

To call a young child, use:

Son Sonny;    Little girl;   Dear

To call a policeman, use:  


To call a waiter or barman, use:

Waiter;   Barman

To call a waitress or barmaid, use:

Miss;   Waitress

With a few others, use the name of the job:

Nurse, Doctor, Postman, Guard


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