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You know- asking question is an easy way to start conversations in English.

You can also use questions to keep conversations going.

When you don’t understand something, what should you do? Ask questions!

There are various styles of questions in English Language.

They are:

  1. Yes/No question – [Are you okay?]
  2. Wh- question- [What’s your problem?]
  3. Tag question – [Monica is learning IELTS, isn’t she?]
  4. Embedded/Or question – [Could you please tell me where OYSTER ACADEMY is?]

What would you like, tea or coffee?]

Note:Asking two questions at a time, actually one question is called Embedded/Or question.

  1. Fragment Question – [How much? / When? /Really?]

Note: It goes only informal question

  1. Simple Sentence question – [Coming from school? / You like sweet?]
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