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Support from Teacher

Today I’m here, next to the honorable teachers just to present you something that may be benefited for you. I know and strongly believe – unless students have some degree of interest in the topic, they are not going to be motivated to excel. The students should know where they are going; they’ll end up someplace else.” To do so, set goals and reward improvement. Accordingly, please be acquainted with the following after paying total concentration: 
First of all, be open with your individual craze. If you love something, then try to show it. It’s extremely inspiring to have someone talk about a topic with joy. Next, apply your passion regularly. Let your students see how what you’re teaching applies to the world beyond the classroom. Get students to apply. Constantly remind students that being smart, passionate, engaged people is cool – and give them plenty of opportunities to be cool. 
Teaching students how to set goals can be divided into three parts: 
i) Setting Realistic Goals 
ii) Attaining a Step-by-step Action Plan 
iii) Reaching Goals.
Teachers can have students focus on academics, extra-curricular activities, social relationships, or personal goals. 

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