SLOGANS FOR STATIONERY SHOP Giving Excellent Product  Placing People First  Excitement, Excellence, Modernism  Having Promising Power  Committing Superb Item  We Carry Your Ideas  Your Actual Need  Ranking Your Products  Only for … Continue Reading →


BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Writing Strong Letter Knowing how to write a strong letter ourselves is important. By following proper and well-understood formats and keeping our writing clear and engaging, we are … Continue Reading →

Celebrating EID

Celebrating EID Wishing all, especially Muslims a happy Eid. Muslims around the world are going to celebrate Eid- ul- Fitr. Eid- ul- Fitr is also known as Small Eid. Eid … Continue Reading →

For S.S.C candidates:Tag Questions Hasn’t/Haven’t & Mayn’t/Must/Mustn’t/Can/Can’t/Could/Couldn’t/Need/Needn’t/Oughtn’t

Tag Questions Hasn’t/Haven’t She has little idea about it, has she? He has to lead a miserable life, hasn’t he? It has a large population, hasn’t it?  They have to be overcome if … Continue Reading →


CONVERSATION AMI: Good Morning, Ovi. OVI: Good Morning, Ami. How are you? AMI: Fine, thanks. And you? OVI: Fine. Where are you going? AMI: To Dhaka. OVI: Ok. I’ll see … Continue Reading →

Working women

Working women These days the women of Bangladesh are becoming working women. They are no more dependent on men. Their role is changing progressively. If you have a close look … Continue Reading →