□ Conversation-13 X: Hi friend! What harm have I done to you? Y: What’s up? Why are you losing temper? X: Don’t stretch the matter. It’s all you’re doing. You’re … Continue Reading →

Despondent Patients!

Despondent Patients In our daily life, there are a lot of problems that created by us. This time, I want to write something about my experience. Yeah, it’s all about … Continue Reading →

Spoken English Tips: BODY LANGUAGE 

Spoken English Tips BODY LANGUAGE  Body is the most reliable source of messages and meanings. Feelings of satisfaction, happiness, affection, modesty, sympathy, empathy, reassurance, surprise can be best and naturally … Continue Reading →

□ Conversation-12

□ Conversation-12   X: Hi friend! Congratulation! Y: Congratulation! X: Pleased to see you. Y: Pleased to see you too. How’s it going, now a days? X: Oh- yeah! It’s … Continue Reading →