Social Networking

Social Networking We all are known that it is the age of globalization. In this age, one can’t live alone. By this contemplation human created society. So, if anyone tries … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Probability

Probability   Wanting for  a small life   Waiting for  a hope    Deposited a real love For someone Though I don’t know  about it   To whom it’s waiting for? … Continue Reading →


Communicating Written communication involves any type of message that makes use of the written word. There are different types of written communication. They are-  1. Proposals  2. Contracts  3. Postcards  … Continue Reading →


Attentiveness!  It’s true that- attentiveness strategies require practice. We all have the ability to give attention to our studies. Actually, attentiveness means the ability to direct one’s thinking in whatever … Continue Reading →


Tips for YOU [ABOUT PARAGRAPH] Every paragraph should contain Topic sentence, Supports sentence and Closing sentence. 1. Topic Sentence: It expresses the main idea of the paragraph. Remember, topic sentence … Continue Reading →

Poetry: Wanna Know

Wanna Know   Lonely day –  Lonely night –  No response,  No buddy.  Once you’re so intimate friend!  Let me know, dear-  Say to me, darling-  What makes you silence?  What’s … Continue Reading →