Academic Feat!

Academic Feat! We all know that – Education is the backbone of a nation. That is why; the nation is becoming more careful about it. Here I would love to … Continue Reading →

Questionable Politics!

Questionable Politics! Now a day’s frustrated people are found everywhere. They may end up, unfortunately, venting their pent up anger through extreme political means or even downright terrorism. Many global … Continue Reading →


Self-Introduction I am (Name), doing my school/college/graduate studies. The name of our school/college/college is _____.The school/college/college is located in ___. I hail from (Your place). I am a day scholar. … Continue Reading →

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure I think and I believe that-“Prevention is better than cure”.Not only children but also adults need to maintain strict hygiene in the spring season (especially … Continue Reading →

Short Drama: Good Citizen(Part-7)

Good Citizen(Part-7)  [In the Market] [Mr. Saroer comes to the Market. Next Mr. Milon comes with his assistant Mr. Parvez.] Saroer [ To the food inspector]                 : Excuse me? What’s … Continue Reading →


Sorrowfulness It’s almost midnight now! The world is sleeping- All the lights have gone out; It’s now silent Pin-drop-silence! In two eyes, no sleeping; The deep perspiration of mind, Happiness … Continue Reading →