□ Conversation-20 [Role Play]

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 □ Conversation-20 [Role Play]

Situation: The Defense lawyer then proceeds to cross-examine the witness. He asks the witness a number of questions too.

Defense Lawyer: Mr. Sanny- you said that you are a shopkeeper, didn’t you?

Witness  : Yes, I did.

Defense Lawyer: What do you sell?

Witness : Various daily essentials…

Defense Lawyer: Were there any customers in your shop at this time?

Witness   : Yes, one or two. Probably two.

Defense Lawyer: And what were you doing?

Witness : I was talking to my customers.

Defense Lawyer: How far is Mr. Rashid’s house from your shop?

Witness : About 20 meters.

Defense Lawyer: How do you know that the accused is the same person you saw that night?

Witness:I saw him clearly in the street light.

Defense Lawyer: But it is quite probable that you saw somebody else.

Witness: It is most unlikely. I saw him clearly.

Defense Lawyer: Do you always wear glasses?

Witness: Yes, I do.

Defense Lawyer: When did you last have your eyesight checked?

Public Prosecutor: Objection your honor. This question has nothing to do with the case.

Defense Lawyer: Yes, it has.

Judge: Please proceed.

Defense Lawyer: Mr. Sabur- you were talking to your customers at the time of the incident, the streetlight was insufficient and you have bad eyesight. Isn’t it very likely that you didn’t see the man clearly from such a distance?

Witness: Yes, it is likely.

Defense Lawyer: No further questions.

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