□ Conversation-18

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□ Conversation-18

Y     : Hey Man- I shall file a criminal case against you.

X     : Excuse me- your act is illegal.

Y     : Hey man- I know it. Don’t try to teach me.

X     :  Look- this is against the law.

CID : Hey man-what’s up? Why are you quarrelling here?

Y     : Look- he filed a suit against me and the police is investigating the matter.

X     : Sir, try to understand, he isn’t innocent. Justice demanded it. Moreover, your brother is my witness. It’s for you to judge.

CID : I know the man. He was accused of murder. He was in the lock-up for 3 days and in fact, he was released on bail.

X     :  Sir, Why the accuser was acquitted?

CID : This is the fact. The accused was acquitted and I’ve to investigate the matter.

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