□ Conversation-15

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□ Conversation-15

X: Hi – Morning! Pleased to see you!

Y: Hi – Morning! Pleased to see you too! How are you?

X: I’m perfectly better, thanks. And you?

Y: I’m also fine by the grace of Allah. Excuse me- what time is it, now?

X: It’s 10 past 3 now.

Y: Is it right time?

X: Look friend, actually my watch gains 2 minutes.

Y: Oh, yeah. We are too early.

X: No, friend-. We are quite in time. By the by, friend- When do you get up?

Y: Well, I usually get up every morning a little before 5.  And you?

X: I get up every morning before 6.

Y: Friend, When do you have your breakfast?

X: Well, I usually have my breakfast at about 8 in the morning. 

Y: It’s fine, what time do you go to your working place?

X: At 9 except Friday. Cuz, it’s our holiday. And you?

Y: Me too. I’ve to go now, Friend- I’ve a meeting at 11am.

X: But friend, its 11:30 now. You are late by half an hour.

Y: Oh my God! It’s time to join the meeting. I’ve to run. See ya friend, bye!

X: Okay, see ya, bye!

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